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Expert Local Drywall & Painting Solutions

EZ Service is the premier local drywall and interior painting contractor in greater Spring Ridge, MD. For years, we’ve been helping property owners and businesses in the area with high-quality services at great prices. If you’re looking for the best mix of durability, style, and value, we’re the team for you! All of our technicians have years of experience fixing drywall issues and installing new drywall to make your home or commercial property look great! Our team builds custom plans based on your schedule, budget, and performance needs to create spaces you’ll love. Whether you’re dealing with damaged drywall from something like an accident, flood damage, mold, or fire damage, we can get to you quickly to make things look and feel new again. We specialize in premium solutions at affordable prices. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can transform your area. Contact us to learn more about why so many property owners in Spring Ridge turn to us for all of their drywall and interior painting needs.

Schedule your appointment with one of our expert technicians by calling us now! Our team is here to answer any of your questions or get a free estimate on any drywall work or interior painting!

Professional Drywall Repair

Keep smooth and sturdy with expert drywall repair from EZ Service! If you are in Spring Ridge, MD, and need help patching holes, repairing dents, or fixing any other issue with your drywall, we’re the team you can depend on. Every day, we send crews around the state to help homeowners fix cracks, restore areas with water damage, fill nail holes, and more.

Broken or damaged drywall can cause larger issues unless it’s dealt with properly. Don’t take risks of having exposed wires or insulation in your home. Likewise, once the drywall is broken or cracked, it’s easy for it to spread to bigger areas. We can be there fast to assess the damage and take care of things with high-quality repairs that you deserve.

Get the best drywall repairs anywhere! We can get you a free quote on drywall repairs based on the size of the hole and other details. Then, with a quick phone call, you can be on your way to walls that look new and keep your property in great condition.

New Drywall Installation Services

New drywall installation is our specialty. If done correctly, the new drywall looks amazing and will last for years without any concerns. Even installation means minimal lines free of seams and bumps. EZ Service offers the most-experienced drywall installation team anywhere in Spring Ridge, MD.

We build custom drywall plans for homeowners and commercial property owners in the region based on budget, premium products, and our clients’ schedules. So if you’re thinking about any type of home renovation, we’re the team you can rely on for high-quality results. We regularly work on projects like finishing basements, new home offices, bedrooms, kitchen remodels, and more. With professional new drywall installation, you get the room of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Let us partner with you early in your planning phase so you know exactly what to expect. We can talk to you about different types of drywall to help you budget and juggle timelines. As a local company, we go the extra mile to guarantee you end up with a finished product that you love.

Interior Painting Solutions

Professional painting makes a big difference in how your home or commercial property looks! So skip the back-breaking work of DIY painting and leave it to the pros at EZ Service. While it’s possible to paint your own interior, most people buy too much paint, make a mess, or end up with a color they don’t love.

With years of experience helping customers in Spring Ridge, we can offer honest recommendations on color, shade, gloss, and more to ensure you get a beautiful room once we’re through. In addition, we can discuss how different paints will affect light levels and how you feel when you’re inside.

Our team will show up on time, prep the area to avoid messes, and make painting work move quickly once we start. You’ll be amazed at how fast we work and how fantastic your property looks once we’re finished.

Our Service Guarantee

At EZ Service, we go above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a drywall or painting service. We’re committed to being the best, which is why so many people in Spring Ridge come to us whenever they need help with their home or fixing something in a commercial property. All of our work is backed by our 100% service guarantee. To us, no job is complete until our customers are happy!

If you need simple repairs or are thinking about making some big renovations, call us to hear how we can help. Let us design a custom plan for your property that saves you time and money! It will look great, and you’ll get an amazing customer experience.

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