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EZ Service offers the best deals on drywall installation, drywall repairs, and interior painting services in Logan Circle. We want you to love how your home or commercial property looks, and our team is excited to support you with best-in-class quality at an affordable price. Our team works with every type of property, and we can build custom options for your residential or commercial property starting today. Whether you’re fixing small holes in your drywall before listing your house or you’re finishing a basement, our team can be there quickly with specialized tools to get things done the way you expect from the leading local company. We’re happy to give you a free estimate on any drywall or painting project or will send someone your way to look at things up close. Discover more about why so many property owners in Logan Circle turn to EZ Service when they need the best mix of quality and price!

Call us now to schedule your appointment with one of our expert technicians or to ask questions about any of our services!

New Drywall Installations

New drywall looks fantastic and keeps you safe. With strong walls and ceilings, you get better indoor performance with smooth panels that are built to last. At EZ Service, we offer custom new drywall installation with the best materials available anywhere in Logan Circle. Local property owners depend on us to handle everything from start to finish and leave them with beautiful new drywall panels.

We work with individual homeowners and Logan Circle property developers to build new closets, bedrooms, basements, and home offices. If you’re a commercial property owner, we can help you create spaces that make it easier to get work done. New drywall is essential to any upgrade or renovation, and we make things simple with experienced technicians and quality materials. Our team sources drywall materials from an extensive network of suppliers, and we pass savings to our customers, so they get premium products at great prices.

Talk to us no matter where you are in the renovation process. We can help you if you’re building a new home or updating certain parts of your house. We can get you a rough estimate on your project and let you know what to expect. Above all, we’re committed to executing on your home or commercial property with unmatched attention to detail in a way that fits your schedule and budget.

Professional Drywall Repairs

While property owners can certainly DIY minor drywall repairs, they’re often best left to experienced professionals. A seasoned technician will make it look like the damage was never there. You avoid things like ridges, uneven plaster seams, and holes in your panels. EZ Service offers expert drywall repairs to keep your walls and ceilings in great shape.

Schedule drywall repair as soon as possible to prevent minor issues from becoming larger problems. Sometimes, small cracks or holes can grow and affect the structural integrity of your walls. In addition, they can expose wires, pipes, and insulation that pose safety risks to anyone inside.

Get your property back in good condition with support from EZ Service in Logan Circle! We also offer emergency drywall repairs after burst pipes, fire damage, and other problems. Get help fast when you need it the most by calling our team. We’re local, so we can get to you quickly to restore your drywall.

We also work closely with Logan Circle landlords and property managers to turn around units after tenants move out. Shorten turnover times and save money with help from an EZ Service technician!

Interior Painting Services

New paint is a fantastic upgrade for any home or commercial space. It instantly transforms how a place looks and feels. We offer terrific deals on professional painting services to give you the refresh you need. So whether you’re getting a home ready for listing or updating an older space, we have teams of expert painters ready to bring your vision to life.

Our team can work with you to help you choose the best colors for your walls, trim, cabinets, doors, and more. We’ll talk to you about natural light levels and how to select the right shade and gloss. In addition, we find premium paints to create inviting and relaxing rooms.

EZ Service uses the latest painting tools and technicians with years of experience to make painting a breeze. Skip the taxing work of painting yourself and discover what a difference professional painting makes. You’ll love the way your home or business looks once we’re finished. For years, we’ve been the top choice for a painting company in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C. And we’re excited to see what we can do for you!

Let us design custom painting options for your next project. All of our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with the results. Call us now to schedule the next available appointment for drywall or painting services! Our team is here to answer all your questions and start immediately.

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