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The team at EZ Service is here to deliver the results you expect for your home or business in Kensington, MD. We are the leading all-around contractor in the area, helping our clients save money all while providing high-quality premium materials from technicians who have years of experience. We’ll be there in a flash to help you with things like drywall repair, interior painting, and drywall installation. Our team is the perfect choice for any home or commercial property renovation. If you’re thinking about building a home office or reconfiguring the office layout, talk to our team about designing a custom plan that fits your budget. We have a large supply of premium materials at great prices to choose from. Property owners in greater Kensington count on us to give them honest recommendations and keep their places looking great.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our technicians or to learn more about any of our services! Get a free quote on any painting solution or drywall work now!

Drywall Installation Services

Hanging drywall is a thing of beauty when it’s done the right way. So when you need clean lines, smooth walls, and fast service, get in touch with EZ Service in Kensington. We’re a local contractor, so we can get to you faster than anyone else with the specialized tools and expertise to make every job a success.

When you call EZ Service, we’ll answer any questions you have and set you up with the next available appointment. You can expect our technicians to arrive on time with the materials to get the job done as quickly as possible. Throughout the drywall installation process, we’ll be there to answer any questions you have and keep you updated on progress.

We do our best to accommodate our clients’ schedules. For homeowners, that means being flexible so you can plan on when to be home and when things will be finished. Businesses, likewise, can trust us to do our part to avoid disrupting normal operations as much as we can.

Once we’re through, you’ll have amazing new drywall built to last for years and years. We use drywall sourced from the best network of local suppliers in the area, and we know how to get great deals on pricing that we pass on to our customers.

Drywall Repair

Need help with drywall repairs? We handle repairs every day, and our work runs the gamut in terms of repair size and complexity. So whether you’re a landlord that needs to turn around a unit before the next tenant moves in, or you have some rambunctious kids who tend to make holes in your walls, we know how to make it look like the damage was never there in the first place.

The EZ Service technicians use patches, drywall sheets, and other materials to custom fit the repair to the damage. We can manage to repair nail holes or large dents from something like a chair falling into a wall.

Repairing your drywall is important because it prevents anyone from coming in contact with exposed wires. It also protects insulation in your property. When you need fast and reliable drywall repair, contact EZ Service!

Interior Painting

Save time and money by choosing EZ Service to paint your house or commercial space. Skip the back-breaking work of painting ceilings, high walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. We do professional painting for a living, so we have the right tools for every project. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and precisely we can transform any space.

Give us a call to talk about different colors, sheens, and other factors when choosing paint. We’ll get a great deal on quality paints that will look great for years. Then, we’ll show up on time with the paint and get the job done in no time.

We also offer consultations to help you decide what colors to choose. The paint you ultimately decide to put on your wall will affect light levels and even your mood! So getting the color right is important, and our team is here to help you make the best choice for your home or business.

Our Service Guarantee

At EZ Service, we love what we do. Our passion for a job well done and satisfying our customers shows in the results we deliver on every project. Our team is excited to see how we can make your home or commercial property in Kensington look fantastic.

All of our work is backed by our 100% service guarantee. We want you to love the way your new bedroom, finished basement, or new paint looks. People in the area prefer EZ Service because we can handle everything from drywall installation all the way through painting. We do our best to offer the best all-in-one renovation service anywhere.

If you need drywall installation, repair, or interior painting services, contact EZ Service today! We’re here to answer all of your questions and schedule your appointment with an expert technician. So call us now and get things moving right away or inquire about getting a free estimate on any project.

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