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EZ Service is the leading drywall and painting contractor in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. For years, we’ve designed custom installations, repairs, and interior painting for residential and commercial clients in the area, and we’re excited to serve you on your next project! Whether you need minor drywall repairs or are working on a more extensive home renovation, our team specializes in delivering high-quality performance that lasts. We’ll work closely with you to guarantee the results you expect for your home or commercial space. Our technicians have years of experience and use the latest technology to make your place look fantastic. As a local company, we can get to you quickly and get the job done to the highest standards. Property owners in Dupont Circle turn to us when they need the best results at affordable prices. Learn more about how we can help you with expert painting and drywall solutions.

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New Drywall Installations

At EZ Service, we’ve spent years installing new drywall for our clients. We work with every type of property and use only the best possible materials for every job. With us, you get a team of experts who care about our work. We want you to love the way your panels look, the smoothness of the seams, and the final price once things are finished. To us, quality matters, and we aim to deliver the best quality for every customer.

Let us help you with your home renovation or remodel. We can help you build a home office to facilitate remote work or finish your basement. Our team can open up your floorplan or create new spaces like closets or bedrooms. We work with everyone from individual homeowners to property developers in Dupont Circle. EZ Service technicians will integrate seamlessly into your building schedule to make sure you get what you need on time.

We’re happy to give you a free estimate on any new drywall installation or send someone your way to discuss your options in person. We can build custom designs based on your price and other considerations. EZ Service handles everything from start to finish to give you peace of mind. Get the best local, new drywall installation for any residential or commercial space by contacting us today!

Professional Drywall Repairs

You can depend on EZ Service when you need expert drywall repairs to fix holes, dents, cracks, and other problems in your panels. While you can DIY some drywall repairs, certain situations require professional support. We’ll be there when you need someone to get your walls and ceilings back in great shape.

Drywall damage should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent small problems from becoming bigger issues. When left alone for too long, a small hole can affect the strength of the rest of your wall. It can lead to larger cracks that can expose wires, pipes, and insulation. This can be unsightly and can even pose a personal safety risk to anyone inside. Get fast, high-quality drywall repair in Dupont Circle from EZ Service.

We offer emergency drywall repair services for people who need help right away. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a burst pipe, fire damage, or any other type of emergency, we can get a team to you quickly to restore your property. We’re local, so we can get to you faster and give you better service.

Our team also regularly partners with landlords and property owners in Dupont Circle to reduce the time between tenants. We can get a team into your units right after someone moves out and fix drywall or paint before the next tenant moves in. Save time and money with the best local drywall contractor in the area.

Interior Painting Services

New paint is one of the best upgrades for any home or commercial property. Professional painting makes a huge difference in how your place looks and feels. It’s a cost-effective refresh that instantly improves any space. EZ Service uses the best paints at affordable prices that you can trust. We source premium paints from a network of suppliers in the area and pass real savings to our clients.

Chat with our team about different color and gloss options to choose the perfect shade for your bedrooms, offices, or retail location. We provide honest recommendations on the color that consider things like natural light levels and interior design. You’ll get a beautiful new space that is relaxing and inviting.

Our painting teams will be there on time to prepare the area to avoid spills on carpets or furniture. We cover trim, cabinets, ceilings, walls, doors, and other interior surfaces so you can avoid the painstaking work of interior painting. EZ Service technicians use the latest painting tools to make work go quickly and smoothly, leaving you with an amazing finished product.

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