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EZ Service is the leading drywall and painting contractor in Pleasant Plains. We offer fantastic deals on all drywall repair, installation, and painting services. If you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner in the DMV, we have the solutions you need to make your home or business look terrific. EZ Service’s technicians use the best materials and have years of experience fixing and hanging new drywall panels. We build home offices, finish basements, and repair your walls after they suffer damage. We also provide professional painting services for exteriors and interiors that make your property shine. Let us transform your living or work spaces with new premium paint at affordable prices. Partner with us to reduce the stress of renovations and discover why so many people in the area choose us for remodels, flips, renovations, and more.

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Expert Drywall Repairs

Damaged drywall leaves your property open to further issues. It can make it harder to control indoor temperatures, make bug infestations more likely, and don’t look great. The good news is that you don’t have to live with damaged or ugly drywall a single day more!

At EZ Service, we help property owners keep their walls and ceilings in perfect shape all year with professional drywall repair. We’ll be there quickly to fix dents, patch holes, and smooth seams. We use only the highest-quality drywall panels to give you the strength and durability you need for your rooms.

We can help you out with emergency drywall repairs or for anything scheduled. Drywall, while versatile, is relatively easy to damage. It’s not as strong as some other materials like stone or brick. When someone rams into a wall or something knock into it, your drywall panels break, crack, or dent. When that happens, call EZ Service!

We also work closely with landlords in Pleasant Plains to turn units around between tenants. Our crews go in, fix the drywall, and leave it better than we found it. Our technicians make your drywall problems disappear.

New Drywall Installation

Are you planning a home project, or are you interested in remodeling a commercial space? At EZ Service, we create custom new drywall installation plans specific to your property for the best results. We handle everything from start to finish and hang your drywall so that it looks perfect in your new home office or finished basements.

We partner with property owners in Pleasant Plains to make their projects successful. Our team will adapt to your timeline to make sure drywall goes up on time and with the quality you expect. Customers here know that they can count on us to deliver, which is why we’re the leading drywall installation company in the DMV.

EZ Service goes above and beyond to ensure you get excellent results for your property. We want things to look great and for you to be happy with your new walls or ceilings. Let us manage your drywall installation for your next renovation, flip, or new build. We source the best quality materials from the right suppliers to bring you great deals.

Interior & Exterior Painting Solutions

EZ Service has professional painters who are excited to help you transform rooms and other spaces in your property. For homeowners, we provide custom exterior painting to give your house the refresh it needs. New exterior paint is a beautiful upgrade because it protects your home and boosts its curb appeal. We also offer custom interior painting services to make things inside look new again.

Painting is a fantastic idea for homeowners because it’s a relatively affordable upgrade without any heavy renovations. In addition, you get a maximum return because paint makes a space look and feel better. We can help you choose the perfect paint for your space that maximizes natural light and feels inviting to you, your family, and your guests.

We can send a painting team to work on your office or other workspaces for commercial property owners to make things look fresh and clean. Talk to us about which types of paint we recommend based on the property type.

We handle everything from start to finish and save you the headaches of having to paint yourself. Our teams use specialized equipment for clean lines, smooth coats, and no mess. Take the stress out of painting by working with EZ Service!

Our Service Guarantee

EZ Service started as a local company, and we maintain that same focus on service and excellence here in Pleasant Plains. We know that our success hinges on our ability to please you, our customers. So we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with the work you’re getting.

Everything we do is backed by a 100% service guarantee that says no job is complete until you’re pleased with the finished product.

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